Captain Wulkie's Garage

Boat Building Made Easy


Captain Wulkie’s Garage is a free collection of resources supporting amateur boat builders.

It is meant to help you build your wooden boat even if you don’t own a workshop, expensive tools or advanced woodworking skills. Everything you need should be easily found in a typical garage.

20151003_161828My boat building experience started a few years back when I built a 16 foot cabin motorboat. It was my first boat and a huge project for my skills and budget. It took me 2 years to build and I only sailed it once. Although I had to donate the boat to a sailing club that had all necessary infrastructure to operate and maintain the boat, it was a fantastic experience building it. Every morning entering the garage was magic and every working week-end seemed too short and too far away from the next one.


Then I decided to build a boat that is easy to carry on the car top, light enough to be operated single handed, able to sail on rivers and lakes and carry enough gear for camping in the wild for two. It could only be a canadian canoe, so we build several pieces. Ever since, we sailed our canoes many years on all water spots we could imagine 

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