Building your first wooden boat is like no other! Your decision making in regards to the model, size and shape is unique, usually made with little or no experience. What happens is that after you finish the boat you realize that this is not meeting your expectations even if throughout the building process you were convinced so.

But that’s OK!

Don’t worry, if you have reached this moment it means you have already learned so much, met new people, did a lot of mistakes, learned how to fix them and had a great time building it. Now it’s time for building your “first” boat!

The boat I decided to build first was the Power 1.2 from Selway Fisher Design. It took me three years to finish and a had such a great time building it! Lots of friends joined and we spent many late nights in the Garage.

wooden boat stitch and glue selway fisher power 1.2

However it turned out that she was too light, wind was pushing her like a nutshell, I took some building decisions that ultimately changed her structure a bit and further spending had to be made: outboard engine, bimini top, parking place over the winter, trailer, etc…

So I decided to donate her to a nearby sailing club where she would get the best conditions. I never regretted building her though 🙂