There is not much to say about how to prepare your garage for boat building but you might consider a few things

1. Create order

it is best you organize your tools in such a way that help you quickly access them but also have them stored when not used in order to free up space. I used scrap plywood fixed on the walls to drill screws in and hang the different items. Larger objects will need to be stowed on shelves. 90% of all garages use less than half of thir potential to store things just because owners don’t use the ceiling and upper space for storage. My two canoes have found a good winter shelter up in the attic.

2. Make lighting

Use as much natural light as possible and suplement with plenty of artificial light for the late evenings and the winter. I recommend you also use a mobile floodlight to use on spots that are not well illuminated during the work.

3. Heating

You might consider heating your garage if temperature drops below 15 degrees. A wood stove might be a good idea to burn all the scrap wood and get super fast heat. To save heat make sure that your place is well insulated.

Check out this brief video: